5 Dinner Recipes to Help You Lose Weight and Eat Like a King

According to popular belief, you have to sacrifice flavor when you eat to lose weight. The following five dinner recipes debunk this claim.

Recipe No. 1 – Baked Eggs and Tomato Sauce

Baked eggs are much healthier than fried eggs and have flavor galore. Top them up with some low-sodium and sugar-free tomato sauce to tickle your taste buds while keeping your weight loss plan on point.

Recipe No. 2 – Shrimp Tacos

Tacos in a weight-loss dinner recipe? Why not? Adapt them to your fitness goals by adding some lean protein, such as shrimp, and replace the white bread with whole-wheat tortillas to increase fiber intake. Don’t forget about chopped spinach and tomato for a real vitamin surge.

Recipe No. 3 – Chicken and Pesto Gnocchi

Pesto and chicken are low in fats and sodium, which is key to shedding extra pounds. Combine them with kale gnocchi and enjoy a palatable dinner.

Recipe No. 4 – White Bean and Ground Turkey Soup

Soup should be your go-to comfort food on a chilly day, especially if you spice it up with some ground turkey. The rich nutritional profile features heaps of fiber and protein to keep you fuller and speed up your metabolism. Just be sure to use low-sodium beans and broth.

Recipe No. 5 – BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato

If you want to cook up a healthy but flavorful dinner, It hardly gets any easier than a baked sweet potato. Only this time, add some chicken breast and broccoli inside the potato after baking to add minimal extra calories while maximizing protein intake.

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If you want to end your day on a high note, these five dinner recipes won’t let you down. Each bite delivers a ton of flavor without sabotaging your weight loss routine.

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