5 Holiday Foods That Are Terrible for Your Heart

For many, the festive season is a time to indulge in all your favorite food and drinks. Sadly, some of the tastiest holiday treats are terrible for your health. So, you might like to choose what you eat with care this Christmas to avoid any unwanted issues.

Here are five common holiday foods you should avoid for a happier, healthier heart.

Bread Rolls

Bread is an integral part of the average holiday buffet or banquet. It’s the perfect match for all those holiday cheeses and cured meats. Unfortunately, it also tends to be jam-packed with needless calories and shocking amounts of sodium.


Baking holiday cookies is a classic Christmas tradition for countless families. But, once you’ve finished applying the frosting, you might be better off leaving the cookies for the kids. They’re rich in sugar, potentially leading to weight gain, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.


For many, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without eggnog. However, while this rich drink is surely delicious, it’s also filled with cholesterol, fat, and sugar. Of course, you can still have a little glass to celebrate. Just try not to drink it daily.


It’s no secret that snacking isn’t great for your health. It usually leads to weight gain and appetite issues. Around the holidays, people tend to have more unhealthy snacks, like chips, dips, cheeses, and nuts than ever.


Eggnog isn’t the only risky drink that tends to be served around the holidays. Many parties also serve spicy cocktails filled with cinnamon, star anise, and lots of sugar, too. In general, it’s best to limit your alcohol intake, especially avoiding rich, sugary cocktails.

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