3 Healthy Habits to Help You Live Longer

Most people dream of living long and happy lives and enjoying all this planet has to offer. And while we may not know the secret of immortality, there are some ways to boost your life expectancy.

Here are three fantastic habits to get into that can help you live longer.

Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal

Countless dieticians and nutritionists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you look at countries and regions where people tend to live longest, they eat big, filling, and healthy breakfasts, a far cry from the sugary cereals of other nations.

Breakfast is what gives you energy and nutrients to make it through the day. So try to make yours count. Get into the habit of opting for savory breakfast options, like eggs, salmon, and avocados, rather than sweet treats, and make your breakfast big and filling.

Eat More Beans

Another thing we can learn from some of the oldest people in the world is that they often include a lot of beans into their diets. In the healthiest parts of the Mediterranean, for instance, white beans are used in lots of traditional dishes.

Incorporate beans into as many meals as you can. Mix them with stews and curries. Add them to your chili and pasta dishes. You can even toss them into salads, too.

Snack on Nuts

We all get hungry from time to time in between meals. And you may have heard that snacking isn’t good for you. However, it all depends on what kind of food you actually snack on. Chips and dips? Bad. But nuts, like walnuts and cashews, are much better.

Most nuts are packed full of essential nutrients, like healthy fats, muscle-building proteins, and vitamins. The next time you want something to snack on, grab a handful of nuts instead of a candy bar.

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