4 Hidden Dangers of Eating Too Many Sweets

You might think an occasional indulgence in sweets is harmless, and for the most part, you’d be right. However, frequent consumption of sweets in large quantities is very dangerous for your health. It is not just the sugar high and subsequent crash. It can also affect important body processes and lead to serious diseases.

The information in this article will help you better understand the hidden risks posed by too much sugar in human bodies.

Blood Sugar Spikes

Excessive sugar consumption causes frequent blood sugar spikes. If the body is unable to lower postprandial hyperglycemia (higher levels of glucose in the blood that appear mainly after eating), it could mean you have insulin resistance and prediabetes. These uncontrolled spikes might develop into type two diabetes. In addition, they may lead to severe conditions like heart failure, renal damage, neuropathy, and retinopathy.

Mental Health Changes

Depression is one of the mental health changes that may occur upon excessive intake of sugar. Moreover, depression, energy crashes, blood sugar fluctuations, and other reactions can be caused by too much sugar resulting in irritability and fatigue. The Centers for Disease Control states that sugary beverages, especially soda, have a link with mental illness.

Weight Gain

Obesity is a result of consuming lots of sugar. This means the consumption of added sugars has been linked to increased obesity risk. Reduce the intake of added sugars, particularly in beverages to avoid gaining too much unhealthy weight.

Fatty Liver

Excess fat deposits can also cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is sometimes referred to as NAFLD. Fat builds up as time goes by, especially with the caloric surplus from sugars. The reduction of fructose in your diet will hinder the development of liver steatosis – increased production of fat in the liver – and also help to prevent the destruction of the liver itself.

Healthcare Professional

Heart diseases, diabetes, and liver diseases can result from too much sugar. Pay attention to the hidden risks associated with consuming too many sugary items and modify your diet. Eating sugar in moderation as part of a healthy diet is suggested.

Consult with a healthcare professional for advice on reducing a high sugar intake.

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