What Your Nails Look Could be Saying About your Health

Your Nails Could Indicate Health Conditions

You may not know this, but our nails can tell us a lot about our overall health. Their texture and strength can point to a wide range of health conditions, giving us insight into our wellbeing.

Read on to learn more about what our nails could be telling us.

Heart and Lung Problems

If you’ve had blue nails for a while, you should get your heart and lungs checked out. Blue fingernails could point to heart and lung issues, bacterial infections, and even rare disorders such as Wilson’s disease.

Skin Infections

Swollen and inflamed nails could be a sign of infection. These infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or yeast. Regardless of the cause, you should treat them as soon as possible.


Your nails could indicate a lack of proper nutrition. Changes in nail color or strength can suggest a deficiency of numerous vitamins and minerals essential for our health. If you’ve noticed white stripes on your nails, they may result from anemia or low protein levels. Marks like these can even mean liver disease.


During pregnancy, women experience an increase in hormones. These extra hormones can affect the nails’ growth and strength. If you’ve noticed your nails are suddenly growing more rapidly, you might be pregnant.

Thyroid Issues

Dry and brittle nails with ridges shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you lead a healthy lifestyle, because they could represent more than just an aesthetic problem. These changes could point to a thyroid issue.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Although seemingly irrelevant, our nails can tell us a lot about our nutrition, health, and underlying conditions. If your nails have changed color or texture, don’t ignore them. They could be telling you your body is experiencing issues you may not know about.

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