Worst Food Choices That Will Make You Gain Weight

Just as healthy food can help you lose the extra weight and make you feel energized, there are some poor food choices that do the complete opposite – contribute to faster weight gain and unwell feelings.

Unfortunately, most of the choices we’ll mention in this article are common in our daily life. So, let this be a reminder to kick them out.


There is more than one reason for you to avoid drinking alcohol or at least limit your consumption to a minimum. One of the reasons is that overconsumption can make you stressed and contribute to faster weight gain. Out of the many alcoholic beverages, the most harmful ones include vodka, tequila, and beer.


Sure, cookies are delicious, and we consume these treats on almost any occasion – birthdays, Christmas parties, graduations, etc. Their delicious flavor and sweetness make them hard to resist but just remember about the damage they can do. Although you might think that one cookie might help you cope with stress or stave off hunger, it actually contributes to weight gain.


A majority of people will say that, without caffeine, they wouldn’t be able to function. Consuming caffeine on a regular basis has an effect on our health that is clear. Too much coffee in our body has numerous disadvantages, one of them being weight gain. The more coffee you drink, the more weight you will gain. This especially goes for coffee drinkers that like their cup with lots of sugar.

Food That Contributes to Weight Gain

There are a lot of food choices that we make on a daily basis that do more harm than good to our health, especially weight. For instance, consuming too much coffee with sugar, eating cookies regularly, and drinking too much alcohol can all contribute to weight gain. The key to enjoying these items is moderation to keep your weight in check.

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