Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Weight loss is a long-term journey that needs consistency and commitment to be effective. Changes won’t happen overnight, but often good habits and smart planning produce the desired results.

Read on to find out what may be hindering your weight loss efforts.

You’re Gaining Muscle

If you’re exercising while dieting, especially with strength-building routines, like pushups or weights, then the fat you’re burning may be replaced by muscle. A plateau in weight doesn’t always mean a stop in weight loss. Don’t rely on the scale alone, and measure your waistline too.

What You’re Eating

Fad diets may promise to deliver quick results, but are tough to keep up long-term. What’s more, diets that remove a food group entirely (like carbs), also remove the many essential vitamins and minerals that these groups boast. Complete deprivation of foods may be effective but it can lead to malnutrition, binge eating, and relapses if not moderated.

When prepping meals, make sure you eat for sustained energy. Choose foods high in fiber and slow releasing carbs that keep you fuller for longer.

Not Enough Water

If you’re not drinking enough water, your body isn’t properly hydrated. Your thirst could also lead you to sugary, calorie-intense drinks like sodas or juices. Try to drink six cups every day.

Lack of Exercise

Weight loss mostly comes down to what you’re eating, but don’t neglect the benefits of regular exercise. Even ten minutes a day can make all the difference to your waistline and wellbeing. Just as importantly, try and make your exercise routine as consistent as possible.

Not Enough Sleep

Sleep gives your body the vital time it needs to rest and repair. If you’re running on fumes, you’re consuming more calories to keep going. On top of that, your appetite-regulating hormones are balanced by good sleep hygiene. Try to get seven or eight hours every night.


Ultimately, the key is not to give up. Keep at it! Perseverance really is the key to any successful weight loss journey.

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