What Causes Post-Workout Nausea

What Causes Post-Workout Nausea

Few things are more frustrating than completing a workout and doubling over because you’re nauseated. Post-workout nausea can affect even the most dedicated gym-goers. Although feeling nauseous is unpleasant, it doesn’t mean your health is deteriorating.

This article will discuss the most common reasons people feel nauseous after exercising and how to make your workouts nausea-free.

Read on to learn more.

Eating Before Exercising

When we exercise, our muscles require more blood to complete challenging movements. Less blood is directed to the gut, and our digestion slows down. If you’ve eaten before starting your workout, your digestive tract might struggle to break down the food.

To prevent feeling sick, choose toast or bananas for your pre-exercise snack and avoid foods packed with fat.


Although it’s essential to stay hydrated during physical activity, too much water lowers blood sodium levels and upsets your stomach. Take a sip when you need to refresh, but don’t overdo it.

Skipping the Warmup

Many people forget how important warming up is. It wakes up the muscles and prevents injuries, improving circulation so the body won’t be surprised by sudden movement.

High-Intensity Workouts

Jumps and sharp turns contribute to feeling nauseous. Before boosting the intensity, focus on controlled moves to get your heart rate up.


Excess sweating leads to dehydration which sometimes causes lightheadedness. Take breaks between your exercise sets to re-energize and sip some water.


While you should challenge yourself to improve with each workout session, exercising shouldn’t feel like a struggle. You’ll feel tired, sore, and sick if you overwork yourself. Set realistic goals and gradually introduce more demanding moves.

Take Care of Yourself and Enjoy Your Workouts

If you’ve experienced post-workout nausea, your body is telling you to tweak your routine. When the issue persists, contact your care provider to check whether there’s an underlying issue.

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