What Causes Damp Walls and What Can You Do About Them


Just because damp spots are more visible during the cold seasons doesn’t mean you shouldn’t thoroughly inspect your walls throughout the entire year. Here are the main causes of damp walls and a few tips on how to deal with them.


Drips from plumbing could be one of your biggest worries. These tend to cause large damp patches on the walls. Even if only tiny amounts of water escape the piping, if it happens regularly and if it’s focused on one spot, the effect of the moisture is amplified.

You can check for corroded water pipes or damaged seals in the bathroom and the kitchen if you notice you’re having issues with your walls. You may also expect a few drips when new plumbing is installed for central heating.


Leaking gutters cause the water to fall directly on the wall. Even if it’s in small amounts, it could cause damage to the wall or reach the windows and infiltrate through there.

Inspecting your rain gutters regularly is important. Some leaks may even feed water to the roof, which are even harder to find a fix.


Before you start repairing the moisture damage you should fix the underlying cause, whether it’s a plumbing issue, a leaky gutter, or a leaky roof. Only once you stop the moisture from spreading can you begin to treat the wall.

Dry out the affected areas either naturally or with a dehumidifier. Once that’s taken care of, it’s time to treat the surface. Use a mold-removing agent.

After the mold is gone and the area is completely dry, you can paint over it with stain blocker paint or with a damp seal. This should prevent the stain from expanding. After that, just paint it over with the same paint as the rest of the wall.


There’s not a lot that you can do to prevent damp spots on walls other than taking care of your house. Keep the inside warm, make sure the insulation is spot-on, and check your pipes. Also, take care of the exterior by checking the roof and making sure the gutters are doing a good job.


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