This Vitamin Is Vital for Preventing Diabetic Issues

Vitamin D has many health benefits and plays an essential role in preventing disease. However, this vitamin is vital for people living with diabetes. Therefore, diabetic patients should ensure that they consume enough vitamin D.

What Studies Show

Research Square recently published a study that analyzed 339 diabetic patients. All the patients between the age of 60 and 90 had type 2 diabetes. Two hundred four patients had foot ulcers associated with the disease.

A staggering 80.5 percent of all the patients had insufficient levels of vitamin D, and 85 percent of the patients with foot ulcers had low vitamin D. Thirteen percent had higher vitamin D levels but not enough to be considered sufficient. At the end of the study, just two percent of the patients with foot ulcers had adequate vitamin D levels.

These findings are no surprise because vitamin D fortifies the immune system and contains anti-inflammatory properties. All wounds come with a risk of infection. If the body has insufficient vitamin D, it has a weaker immune system and hence might be unable to fight infection. This is especially true for patients who have diabetic foot ulcers. The ulcers may get infected, and if the infection gets out of control, it might lead to gangrene or death of tissues around the area.

People living with diabetes, especially seniors, must be screened regularly for vitamin D deficiency and discuss with the doctor if they are eligible for vitamin D supplements. They must also work closely with their care providers to manage the disease.

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