Scientists Discover, this Common Fruit Does Wonders for Your Gut

This Is the Best Fruit for Your Gut

A healthy gut helps you fight off diseases and infections and teams up with your brain to maintain the rest of your body’s health. When your gut isn’t in good shape, you may experience discomfort, pain, and cramps, all of which are unpleasant and disrupt our lives.

A proper diet plays a significant role in keeping our gut healthy. Scientists have recently discovered that one common type of fruit, in particular, does wonders for your gut. Keep reading to learn more about it.


A 2021 study published in Nutrients investigated how eating grapes can contribute to the gut microbiome. For four weeks, the participants consumed 46 grams of whole grape powder each day (equal to two servings of California table grapes). The results showed grape powder consumption decreases LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by 5.9% and total cholesterol by 6.1%. Moreover, the health of the participants’ gut microbiome improved.

What makes grapes so great? They contain catechins, natural antioxidants that reduce inflammation and promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Moreover, grapes are a good source of fiber which supports gut health.

The small round fruit also contains potassium, a mineral that lowers the risk of heart disease. Since most people don’t consume enough potassium, eating grapes is a delicious and convenient way to get it.

The benefits of grapes can be seen from the outside as well. Due to the wide range of vitamins and minerals in this fruit, your skin, hair, and nails will look healthier and smoother.

Take Care of Your Gut

Grapes are packed with nutrients that improve your gut health and fight off free radicals. Due to their convenient size and shape, you can easily incorporate grapes into your snacks, salads, and meals. Don’t forget about other factors that contribute to your gut health, such as getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and reducing stress.

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