This Breakfast Reduces Sugar Cravings

This Breakfast Reduces Sugar Cravings

Regular sugar cravings can make sticking to a healthy diet incredibly difficult. If you’re trying to lose weight, sugar cravings can be your biggest enemy. While resisting the urge is possible, you might be tempted to have that bite of chocolate from time to time.

Fortunately, there is a way to combat this. By eating the right food for breakfast, you can reduce your sugar cravings. Read on to find out more.

Steel-Cut Oats

While sugar-laden cereal is a convenient breakfast, especially when you’re in a hurry, it’s not a good way to start your day. Typically high in refined carbs, it will make you feel full quickly and for a short period. After only an hour or two, you may experience hunger and crave more carbs and sugar.

For this reason, steel-cut oats are a much better choice. These gluten-free oats are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, make you feel full, and improve your overall health. Due to the low glycemic index, oats are perfect for anyone who wants more blood sugar control. Steel-cut oats can also help manage blood cholesterol.

Another advantage of steel-cut oats is that they are widely accessible: you can find them in most grocery and health food stores. Plus, they are affordable and easy to integrate into numerous meals. Steel-cut oats can replace rolled oats and breadcrumbs and also be cooked or blended with different fruits to make a smoothie.

Control Sugar Cravings

Besides paying attention to what you eat for breakfast, there are other ways to reduce sugar cravings. Try eating every three to five hours as regular meals help control blood sugar levels. When you feel the need to eat something sweet, reach for fruits and nuts instead of chocolate. After time, this will become a habit.

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