These Habits May Lead to Blindness

These Habits May Lead to Blindness

Although many people have started taking vitamins to maintain and improve their eye health, several bad habits can degrade our eyesight. In extreme cases, they may even lead to blindness.

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Even if you’re not a smoker, exposure to smoke-filled air can cause long-term irritation. Moreover, cigarette smoke has been linked to the faster development of cataracts, a film that covers the eyes. When untreated, cataracts result in blindness. Smoking is also a cause of vascular issues connected to vision impairment due to optic nerve or retina damage.

Unmanaged Diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of vision loss in adults. The disease occurs when blood sugar spikes degrade the blood vessels in the back of the eyes, damaging the retina. The blood vessels swell, causing vision problems and disrupting proper blood flow to the eyes.

Fortunately, regular checkups ensure that your eyes remain in perfect condition. People with diabetes should adopt a healthier lifestyle and schedule an eye exam every six months. Most diabetes-related vision issues are reversible when diagnosed early.

Eye Rubbing

When dust gets in our eyes, our first instinct is to rub them. But aggressive rubbing weakens the cornea, permanently misshaping it. When cornea problems are unaddressed, the only solution is a cornea transplant.

To bolster your eye health, avoid rubbing the eyes when they’re irritated. Instead, use eye drops to remove pollutants and alleviate the irritation.

Not Wearing Googles

Protective gear isn’t just for people operating heavy machinery. When working with hand tools in the home or backyard, remember to don protective goggles to shield the eyes from metal and wood particles.

Check Your Vision

Even if you have no vision problems, consider scheduling a biannual checkup to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues.

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