Eating These Foods can Hurt Your lungs

These Foods Are Bad for Your Lungs

Keeping our lungs healthy has never been more important. Most of us know that smoking and being exposed to air pollution ruins our lungs. But, many of us aren’t aware our diet plays a significant role in keeping our lungs healthy and strong. Likewise, the food we eat can also harm our lungs.

Read on to learn what foods you should avoid if you want healthy lungs.


Simple carbs found in refined flour don’t do our lungs any good. They can cause inflammation, thus putting a strain on our lungs. Instead, we should base our diet on complex carbohydrates. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables provide the necessary nutrients that keep our lungs working efficiently.


Since broccoli is high in antioxidants that are beneficial for our lungs, you may be surprised to see this healthy vegetable on this list. But, in some cases, broccoli can worsen your lung health because it can cause bloating.

Dairy Ice Cream

In addition to being cold, dairy ice creams tend to increase mucus production and cause respiratory tract inflammation. Plus, ice creams are also loaded with sugar, which is associated with inflammation.

If you constantly have a productive cough, try cutting out dairy from your diet.


Every alcoholic drink is bad for your lungs because it can cause inflammation and damage your lungs. However, gassy, carbonated beverages such as beer have an even worse effect because they cause bloating and other stomach problems that affect all organs, including the lungs.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Maintaining our lung health is essential. Besides reducing exposure to environmental toxins, it’s vital to regularly maintain a healthy diet and exercise. If you don’t like going to the gym, try walking for 30 minutes several times a week. Your lungs will definitely enjoy the fresh air.

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