The Top 5 Symptoms of Prediabetes

The Top 5 Symptoms of Prediabetes

Prediabetes is more challenging to spot than other health conditions with clear warning signs. It flies under the radar and often leads to more severe complications like type 2 diabetes. However, this transition is preventable if you have the necessary information about prediabetes that allows you to make positive lifestyle changes. Knowing how to identify the subtle symptoms is instrumental in preventing long-term damage.

Prediabetes: What Is It?

Prediabetes targets your blood sugar balance. The levels are elevated but slightly below the hypoglycemic threshold.

While prediabetes is not as severe as type 2, unhealthy habits blur the line between the two, leading to kidney damage. People whose family members are hypoglycemic are more likely to become prediabetic.

What to Look For

Elevated Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar is a health aspect that needs to be strictly regulated. Sometimes it can be temporarily elevated, so it’s best to schedule regular checkups. If you notice that your levels are consistently high, you may be prediabetic. Your medical care provider will recommend the best course of action.

Skin Irritation

Prediabetes can affect the skin, causing the appearance of yellow, red or brown spots. They may look like swollen bumps or velvety patches across the neck and lower body. Some people may notice thick layers of skin on their fingers or painful sores that refuse to heal.

Eye Problems

Some prediabetics also experience blurry vision. The condition affects the blood vessels of their eyes, damaging them or creating new ones. When prediabetes is not managed, it can lead to vision loss.

Urination Issues

When the body detects an excess of blood sugar, it will try to eliminate it. If you’re urinating more than usual, your body could be fighting to restore your blood sugar balance. Urination issues will make you exhausted and dehydrated, so you’ll also be more thirsty.

Prevention Is Key

Prediabetes indicates future health problems, but adopting a more healthy lifestyle can stop most long-term damage. Medical professionals can assess your circumstances and determine the changes that will serve you best.

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