Sure Signs You Have an Intestinal Obstruction

Intestinal obstruction or clogged colon is a condition where gasses, liquids, and solid waste are blocked from passing through the digestive tract, especially the colon.

Common causes of intestinal obstruction include:

  • Fibrous tissues that form after surgery
  • Colon cancer
  • Hernias
  • Reaction to certain medication
  • Inflamed intestines

If the condition is minor, smaller incisions are made around the area of obstruction. Otherwise, the patient might have to undergo surgery immediately.

Here are sure signs that your colon is clogged:

Feelings of Satiety and Swelling of the Belly

A bloated and swollen stomach could indicate an intestinal obstruction. The symptoms aggravate as hours go by, and the patient soon develops abdominal pain. If you cannot relieve these symptoms within eight hours, you should visit a doctor immediately to determine the underlying issue and suggest the best treatment.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain, accompanied by muscle cramps and stomach churning, could indicate that your colon is clogged. You might also feel nauseous and sweat a lot. Patients sometimes complain of severe muscle cramps around the abdominal area as well. These signs worsen as the day goes by, and the final symptom is constant vomiting. The last symptom is more severe than a normal stomach ache or flu.


Many people with intestinal obstruction can’t pass gas or solid waste. They slowly start to bloat, and the symptoms only worsen as the day passes. If they pass the stool, it is watery and has a revolting smell. These symptoms could indicate a total obstruction or the narrowing down of the colon passage.

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