Skin Conditions You Shouldn’t Ignore

Our skin is one of our most important organs, but we often forget its crucial roles. It not only protects us from external conditions, but it’s also our body’s way of letting us know what’s going on inside. Watch out for these sinister skin conditions and listen to what your biggest organ is trying to tell you.

Dark Armpits

Dark armpits are undeniably unattractive, but they may have deeper implications than meets the eye. Many things can cause the darkening of the sensitive skin in this area of the body, from sun exposure and shaving to the chemicals found in antiperspirants. However, it may also point to conditions like acanthosis nigricans. This skin disorder isn’t harmful in itself, but it’s likely accompanied by an underlying issue like insulin resistance or hormonal disorders.

Breast Rashes

Rashes come in many different forms and can have even more causes. While most go away in a few days, persistent rashes should be investigated. For instance, if you experience an itchy, swollen rash, you may be having an allergic reaction.

In addition, a rash you definitely shouldn’t ignore in the breast area is one resembling an orange peel, as it might imply inflammatory breast cancer. Other signs of cancer include dimpling, redness, scaling, or inverted nipples. All in all, you should seek out a doctor when you notice any changes to the skin around your breasts.

Warty Spots

The appearance of warty spots called seborrheic keratosis is usually normal in healthy adults. These benign skin growths come with age and are generally not a reason to worry. Acute onset of seborrheic keratosis can, nevertheless, indicate underlying internal cancer. If you notice several of these spots appearing suddenly, you may want to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

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