Realistic Ways to Cut Down Weight Without Giving Up Booze

A weight loss journey involves avoiding certain food and drinks. One of the things most people are advised to do is to stop drinking alcohol or to limit their intake dramatically.

Read on to learn some realistic ways to lose weight but still enjoy booze.

Never Start Your Night With Alcohol

Some people will order alcohol while waiting for meals during an evening out. This is a mistake as you feel the effects of alcohol faster on an empty stomach. This causes hunger cravings, which make you eat and drink more. Take alcohol after your meal.

Eat Veggies and Proteins First

Before drinking, take a protein and veggie meal. These high-fiber options will regulate your blood sugar levels. As they’re not digested quickly, it will reduce the effect of the alcohol. Since you’ll feel satiated, you’ll be less inclined to drink more alcohol.

Plan How Much to Drink

If you over-indulge, you may get out of control. Plan how much to drink before you start, and stick to two drinks a night. In case you take too much, working out helps. This improves liver health and body composition.

Take Low-Carb Beer Instead

Weight loss is about choices, and the benefits of low-carb beer can’t be overlooked. Regular beer ranges from 64-198 calories for every 12 ounces consumed. This can be cut up to half if the right options are picked.

Alternate Alcohol With a Non-Alcoholic Beverage

When you consume an alcoholic drink, make sure you take a low-calorie beverage right afterward. Some refreshing non-alcoholic beverages are made with sparkling water and fruit juice, which are better than some soda substitutes.

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