Ovarian Cyst Warning Signs to Look Out For

Famous singer Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey, has revealed that she has a cyst in her ovary, and it’s large enough to match the size of an average apple. While many women don’t suffer from this health issue, others relate to her symptoms. Here are ovarian cyst warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

What Are Ovarian Cysts?

Ovarian cysts can be described as masses or sacs containing fluid and develop in the ovary or on the surface. Some of these cysts don’t have fluids, but many do. They’re typically the size of an almond but can be larger because Hailey Bieber’s is the size of an apple.

These cysts aren’t limited to specific age groups, as any woman with ovaries can develop them. Thus, it’s better not to ignore these signs.

Ovarian Cysts Signs

While having ovarian cysts isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, the ones that worsen can cause painful symptoms. They can burst and cause severe pain in the abdomen. This pain is either sharp or dull, depending on the cyst.

Some patients with ovarian cysts feel nauseous and crampy, and these signs tend to be proof of larger cysts. Such atypical symptoms should be addressed immediately.

A cyst that becomes large enough may even result in bloating, and Hailey Bieber herself had to address pregnancy rumors. Indeed, a large cyst the size of a volleyball can be mistaken for pregnancy.

Others experience vomiting, painful intercourse, and even bleeding.

Always Be Careful

Should you detect any of these symptoms, it’s best to schedule a medical appointment immediately. Not all ovarian cysts are harmful, but those that cause pain cannot be ignored.

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