Lower Your Cholesterol With This Popular Fruit

Lower Your Cholesterol With This Popular Fruit

When we think about grapes, wine and raisins naturally pop into our heads. But this fruit has a hidden benefit. Researchers have discovered that grapes are not just good for diversifying your gut bacteria, but they can even lower your cholesterol level.

How Grapes Lower Cholesterol

The study involved around 20 adults eating a diet low in polyphenols and fiber, both nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. After a month, they added some grape powder. Specifically, the equivalent to two servings of fresh grapes.

After another month, the researchers found that the participants had a more diverse gut bacteria population. In particular, the bacteria that developed helped regulate glucose and break down fatty acids. At the same time, the participants lowered their harmful cholesterol levels by 8%.

The Reasoning

These effects are likely due to increased fiber and polyphenols. The boosted gut health appears to be the main benefit, but the lowered cholesterol levels are still promising. It proves that grapes are beneficial to your diet.

Of course, having too many grapes can be unhealthy. Moderation is key, as just two servings are enough to make a difference.

It would be wise to avoid foods that contain much cholesterol as well. The effects of the grapes may be cancelled out by high cholesterol intake.

Eat More Grapes

Grapes have an important place in your diet. They not only boost your gut bacteria diversity but lower cholesterol levels. In any case, a healthy diet and proper self-care will help lower cholesterol.

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