Lower Your Chances of Premature Death With Baking Soda

Lower Your Chances of Premature Death With Baking Soda

Baking soda is composed of bicarbonate anion and sodium cation. As premature death in adults has been linked to low levels of bicarbonate in the bloodstream, this ingredient may reduce the chances of that happening.

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Studies on Premature Death and Baking Soda

A report from the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study, looked at data from 2,287 people. Participants were healthy people between the ages of 70 and 79. They were studied for around ten years. In February 2014, the survival statistics were collected.

They discovered that half of the people died from natural causes. However, individuals with low levels of bicarbonate in their bloodstream were about 25% more likely to die than adults with normal or elevated levels.

The Result of Studies

The link has yet to be established, although it might be related to the negative effects of mildly acidic blood. Bicarbonate is a naturally occurring byproduct of our metabolism. To maintain a neutral pH in the blood, bicarbonate neutralizes co2 and other acidic products from food and oxygen.

Another possible reason for the low levels is underlying kidney issues. Given how simple it is to test for bicarbonate, it may be sensible for medics to check the levels in elderly people to lower their risk of early death.

Reduce the Chance of Premature Death

How can you incorporate more baking soda into your life? Surprisingly, the solution has nothing to do with the yellow box in your kitchen that battles odors. Eating more vegetables and fruit, thus consuming more sodium bicarbonate, is the key to balancing your pH levels.

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