Keep Your Stomach Happy by Avoiding These Foods

It’s safe to say that we all enjoy eating. Other than being a requirement for staying alive, we also receive a lot of pleasure when we consume our favorite foods.

However, certain foods can wreak havoc on our stomachs. If you have digestive issues, there are some foods that you should avoid. In this article, we’ll discuss the worst foods for your stomach.

Processed Food

Heavily processed food contains unhealthy amounts of salt, sugar, and poor-quality fat. Most ready-to-eat microwave meals not only contain high levels of these but they’re also packed with other additives that help to preserve them. All of these ingredients are difficult for the stomach to break down.

Fried Food

Although fried chicken and French fries sound like things that make your stomach happy, in reality it’s the opposite. Fried foods will sit in your stomach much longer than other meals and can cause acid reflux and heartburn.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can cause an imbalance in stomach bacteria. When our gut bacteria are unbalanced, it can lead to abdominal distress. If you already suffer from IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), artificial sweeteners should be avoided.

Energy Drinks

These popular beverages may give you the added energy you crave, but they aren’t very easy on your stomach. High in caffeine and niacin, they can cause upset stomach and nausea.

Worst Foods for Your Stomach

If you want to keep your stomach happy and functioning properly, there are certain foods you should avoid. Unfortunately, these may be some of your favorite things to eat. Fried and overly-processed foods aren’t your stomach’s friend. Although you may enjoy them, they aren’t good for your digestive health.

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