Is the Keto Diet the Culprit for Your Depression?

Is the Keto Diet the Culprit for Your Depression

Although going keto seems all the rage now, this popular diet has also attracted plenty of criticism. Some of its critics claim that the keto diet can trigger depression. So, is there any truth to these claims? Let’s discuss.

Is There a Link Between Depression and the Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet was initially designed to help people with epilepsy reduce the likelihood of seizures. Since then, its effects on the human brain have constantly been researched.

As a matter of fact, the keto diet has been explored as a potential treatment for depression. Some studies found that eating keto might have an antidepressant effect. So, these results suggest that instead of causing depression, as the critics claim, the keto diet actually helps alleviate depression symptoms.

However, there have also been some reports of people feeling low while on the keto diet. For this reason, it’s crucial to conduct more research on the link between depression and this diet to understand their interaction fully.

How Does Keto Affect Mental Health?

The full effects of the keto diet on the brain are still being researched. But, some positive effects of the diet on depression and mental health have repeatedly popped up throughout the studies. They claim that keto can:

  • Increase the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter that affects how your brain experiences anxiety and stress
  • Improve mitochondrial functions, which can help people with depression caused by mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Decrease oxidative stress, which has been linked to many mental health problems, including depression
  • Regulate insulin, which can mess with your mood
  • Reduce chronic inflammation associated with several health problems, including depression

Consult a Medical Professional

While the ketogenic diet should be safe for most people, it’s best not to take any chances. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before going on keto.

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