How to Continue to Stay Safe From COVID

There’s a new variant of the COVID-19 virus that has some researchers concerned. This subvariant of Omnicron is now the third most reported strain in the U.S. Although it’s currently unknown how severe this new strain is, no one wants to get sick from it, even just a little. This new strain has a different protein spike which could cause it to behave differently than previous variants.

Thankfully, we all know the drill–wear masks, stay home when sick, and keep up with vaccinations and boosters. Although President Joe Biden boldly declared that “the pandemic is over,” this new strain may make his statement untrue, although it’s too early to tell.

Are You a Superdodger?

Even though well over 95 million have contracted the COVID-19 virus in the U.S. (with over a million fatalities), deaths from the virus have substantially decreased. It seems as if nearly everyone has had it, yet that’s not entirely true.

There’s a select group of lucky individuals who have somehow dodged the COVID-19 bullet. Referred to as superdodgers, researchers are studying some of these people to determine how they’ve been able to remain immune for so long.

How to Continue to Stay Protected

Not much has changed when it comes to preventing the virus from making you its latest victim. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still have the same recommendations: wear a mask when around large groups of people and keep up with vaccinations and boosters. If you’re feeling ill, it’s important to quarantine. They also still recommended frequent hand washing.

Is the Pandemic Over?

The jury is out on this. However, with variants still forming, it does seem as if COVID-19 is here to stay. Thankfully, deaths from the virus aren’t at the higher levels they were two years ago. If you’re concerned about contracting the virus, continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations.

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