Gut-Friendly Foods for a Healthy Microbiome

Maintaining a high-functioning gut microbiome is essential to the body’s wellbeing. Gut health is connected to many of the systems within the body, making it important to eat foods that keep the microbes in the intestinal tract balanced.

Keep reading to learn more about the food choices that will promote a healthy microbiome and sound overall health.

Responsibilities of Gut Microbes

There are 100 trillion microbes in the intestinal tract that perform all sorts of functions. Some of these keep the digestive system regular, while others generate key vitamins and amino acids.

These microbes also assist the body’s absorption of dietary minerals and send signals to the immune system. This strongly affects your mood, with the gut producing 90% of your body’s serotonin.

Probiotic-Rich Foods

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live inside of the gut microbiome and can be found in high concentrations in foods like yogurt and kefir. They promote digestive regularity and prevent stomach problems like constipation, bloating, and diarrhea, as well as help chronic gut conditions like IBS.

Prebiotic Fibers

Certain types of fiber are known as prebiotic fibers, which means they help promote the cultivation of probiotics, or healthy gut bacteria.

Almonds, bananas, sorghum, edamame, and avocados are high-fiber foods that fuel probiotics and are associated with a diverse gut microbiome. Onions and garlic also act as effective prebiotics and can help to reduce inflammation.

Fermented Products

Certain fermented food products like kimchi and kombucha are rich in live probiotics and other bioactive compounds that can help adjust the balance inside the gut.

This fermentation process leaves behind trillions beneficial microorganisms that live inside the gut and regulate its balance.

Better Gut, Better Living

Prioritizing gut-friendly foods is a huge plus for a healthy microbiome and your overall wellbeing. From mood to digestion to disease response, your gut microbes do a lot for your body. Try kimchi and kombucha or yogurt and fruit to improve your gut health.

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