Foods to Alleviate Sugar Crashes

Hypoglycemia is a problem for those with diabetes, but it can also happen to others. This condition arises when blood sugar levels dip too low due to too much insulin or not eating enough. Here are some foods to help restore blood sugar to a healthy level.


Sugar-free sodas aren’t helpful during a bout of hypoglycemia, as your body needs the sugar and calories to function properly again. Therefore, buy a non-diet or zero-sugar soft drink for this situation.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices, such as orange and apple juice, can help your blood sugar levels rise again. There’s usually no need to add syrups or sugars into the juice as they already have enough.

Corn Syrup

If your blood sugar levels go below 70 mg/dL, you can take a tablespoon of corn syrup in this emergency. This food is unhealthy otherwise and should be used for urgent situations only.


Alternatively, a tablespoon of honey can replace corn syrup since it has a similar amount of sugar content, possibly even more.

Granulated Sugar

White sugar is easily absorbed by the body and provides enough to help any diabetes patient’s blood levels rise again.

Hard Candy

Hard candy made of regular sugar syrup, such as Jolly Ranchers, should provide enough sugar to alleviate hypoglycemia. Try not to eat too many candies, but a few pieces should suffice.

For Emergencies Only

There are many other options to prevent hypoglycemia, but these tend to be widespread choices due to easy access. You can get these foods practically anywhere or carry them with you. Make sure to have enough in case hypoglycemia strikes.

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