Foods That’ll Boost Your Iron Levels

Iron boosts your energy levels and helps your body function to an optimal level. To see the benefits, however, you need to incorporate iron-rich foods into your diet.

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Liver contains up to 30% iron, which meets your recommended daily intake from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can prepare liver in several ways: boiled, fried, or minced.


Green vegetables are recommended for a healthy diet. This especially true when it comes to spinach. It’s simple to make. You eat it boiled, fried, and can add it to salad or as a side to a main dish.

Dark Chocolate

For all the bad press chocolate is beneficial, particularly for women during menstruation. Plus, you get about 2.84 grams of iron so you finally have a legitimate reason to buy dark chocolate.

Fortified Cereals

Fortified cereals made from whole grains are rich in protein, fiber, iron, and other nutrients. As a result, you’ll feel fuller for longer, plus you’ll get a healthy amount of iron. You can eat the cereal as is or add warmed milk, bananas, berries, or anything else you want.

Black Beans

While black beans are famed for being protein-rich and containing healthy amounts of iron. A quarter cup gives you up to 1.13 grams of your recommended daily dosage of iron. Better still, black beans are easy to prepare and have a long shelf life. You can eat them boiled or fried.

Keep Your Iron Levels Going

If you’ve been low on energy or get tired quickly, you might be suffering from iron deficiency. If that’s the case, consider adding the meals listed above to your meal plan to live a more vibrant life.

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