Foods That Can Cause Brain Fog

“Brain Fog” is a feeling that your brain isn’t functioning at its best. While the science and causes behind the condition are uncertain, it’s important to take care of your mind through your diet.

If thinking is hard or hazy, try cutting down on these foods.

Sugary Snacks

Too much sugar from candy and soda sends a rush of sugar into your body. The resulting crash will affect your energy levels and brain functions. What’s more, sustained sugar intake can increase the risk of dementia in adults. Try to minimize your sugar intake or snack healthier.


While a cup of tea or coffee has been shown to help boost short-term memory, too much caffeine can cause a big crash once the stimulation has worn off. You may feel jittery and have trouble concentrating afterwards. Too much caffeine over a long period can cause a low-level dependence, leading to headaches, drowsiness, and anxiety without it.

Refined Carbs

All carbohydrates break down into glucose in your body, but refined carbs do so much quicker and wear off much faster. The sugar spike does no favors for brain function, and can act the same way as sugar-laden snacks at times. Rather substitute these carbs for whole grains or unprocessed foods.

Trans Fats

Trans fats carry the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia with age. Not all trans fats are bad, though. Those that occur naturally in animal products are safe, but the danger lies in hydrogenated vegetable oils. Try avoiding too much fried food and junk food products.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous in many different ways, but it can also severely impact your mental functions and dehydrate you. The resulting hangover will also have your mind in a muddle, until your body can fully process all the alcohol it’s taken in. Try to limit your drinking and never overindulge.

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