Foods That Are Making You Hungry

Some foods can leave you hungrier than others, which may lead to excessive snacking and overeating. When watching your weight, it’s important to know what foods exacerbate hunger, and to try cut them down or out.

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Some Yogurts

Not all yogurts are created equal. While a great source of calcium and helpful bacteria, some yogurts are higher in sugar than others, leaving you wanting more. Opt for Greek yogurt. With higher protein and lower sugar, it will bust your cravings and keep you healthy.

Potato Chips

A major offender are the empty carbs of potato chips. They’re oily, salty, and will leave you wanting more. There’s very little by the way of slow release, low GI carbs in chips, which serve to keep you full. What’s more, so much processed carbs in one snack raises your blood sugar levels, which can increase the risk of diabetes.

White Bread

Sure, white bread may look and taste good, but the healthier parts of wheat are left out. The more processed the bread, the less fiber it contains. White bread also lacks the substantial nature of whole wheat bread and doesn’t boast the slow-release carbs to keep you fuller for longer.

Soft Drinks

Sugar can be addictive. The sweetness disrupts your brain’s appetite regulators, driving you to keep eating. Soft drinks contain lots of sugars, giving you very little by the way of nutrition. The quick influx of glucose can also wreak havoc with your blood sugar. Try avoiding soft drinks and too much fruit juice.


Junk food cravings always seem to accompany excessive alcohol intake. The reason being, drinks like beer not only carry extra calories but also drive your appetite to seek greasy, high carb food to help soak up the alcohol. You’ll be full, but not in a good or lasting way.

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