Foods That Age Your Brain

If you want to enjoy optimum brain function well into your later years, there are some foods you should avoid. Junk foods and sugary treats can constrict your blood vessels and sabotage brain cell renewal. Your brain needs micronutrients, fatty acids, and vitamins to function correctly.

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Baked Goods Made With Lard

Resist clogging your arteries by avoiding foods made with lard. Lard is found in biscuits, pastries, and snack cakes. Most fast food, including burgers, fries, onion rings, and baked apple pies, contain or are fried in lard. A potent catalyst for premature aging, lard clogs the blood vessels in your brain, depriving them of oxygen.

Deep-Fried Everything

Blood must circulate freely through the micro-vessels of the brain to maintain cognitive performance. Food that’s battered and then deep-fried contains enough cholesterol and fats to clog the blood vessels that bring oxygen to the brain. Stay away from deep-fried chicken, fish, french fries, donuts, and Mars Bars.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are made of pure cane sugar, which leads to high blood glucose, insulin resistance, and diabetes-related brain fog. The artificial coloring and flavorings used to make gummy bears poison the bloodstream, causing damage to brain cells. Freeze fruits that support cognitive health, such as grapes or berries, and eat them like candy instead.

Hot Dogs and Deli Meats

Hot dogs and deli meats contain nitrates, which increase your risk of developing cardiovascular problems that could lead to a stroke, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Eat lean, low-fat chicken or turkey instead.

Eat Right to Optimize Brain Health

Avoid foods with toxins, sugar, and unhealthy fats to optimize brain health. Instead, nourish your brain with eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and Greek yogurt. Stay away from refined foods, and eat raw, simple meals.

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