Early Indications of Alzheimer’s

Early Indications of Alzheimer’s

As we get older, we become more and more forgetful. However, there is a fine line between forgetfulness and something more serious. Over 6 million Americans have one of the most common forms of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease.

While Alzheimer’s usually affects people over 60, it can happen to people of all ages. That’s why it’s important to catch this disease early on. The earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s can vary from person to person. That being said, these are some of the most common:

Language Difficulties

One of the earliest indicators of Alzheimer’s is having difficulty remembering certain words or forgetting their meaning. Issues with vocabulary are just some of the language difficulties a person with Alzheimer’s might have. They could also stop talking in the middle of a sentence, unsure how to finish it.

Memory Loss

Forgetting things from the distant past doesn’t have to mean anything. However, if those details are important pieces of information, like names and places, this might be an early sign of Alzheimer’s. Increased memory loss leads to a lot of confusion, ultimately disrupting everyday routines and tasks that used to be no problem.

Misplacing or Losing Things

Once again, not being able to remember where you put something doesn’t have to mean anything. However, if you forget where something is usually supposed to be placed or where certain places are located, it could be alarming. This could be especially concerning if the person in question has issues with spatial memory and keeps getting lost.

Short Attention Span

Another early symptom of Alzheimer’s is not being able to pay attention for a long time or at all. This can also take the form of repeated questions and confusion.

Is Alzheimer’s Creeping Up on You?

Early indications of Alzheimer’s include language difficulties, memory loss, confusion, misplacing and losing things, poor orientation, and a short attention span. Even though these symptoms can mean nothing, or point to something else entirely, they can also be early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

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