The Worst Way to Store Meat

Don’t Store Meat Like This

While you can store cooked meats as leftovers, they don’t last forever. It’s also necessary to keep them properly as meat spoils quickly.

Before you put meat in your fridge, consider the tips outlined below. You don’t want to waste food or allow it to go bad.

Cut Before Storing

No matter the type of meat, the CDC warns everyone not to put anything in the fridge without thinking first. Cutting your meat into smaller portions is best to store large cuts, such as beef roasts or whole chickens. Doing so also frees up some space in the freezer to avoid wasting any room.

Chill Quickly

After cooking a meat dish, you should place it in the fridge within two hours. The temperature should be 40 degrees Fahrenheit, though going lower is also acceptable. If the food has been exposed to heat above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, however, it must be chilled in the fridge within an hour.

Bacteria thrive in warmer environments, and large meat cuts take more time to reach temperatures low enough to stop microbial reproduction. Therefore, slicing it into smaller portions will ensure nothing harmful can develop.

Avoid Risks of Infection

Consuming meat tainted by harmful bacteria can result in food poisoning, respiratory illnesses, and even bloodstream infections. Meat should also be consumed quickly. Thus, proper storage habits and techniques will keep you safe from potential harm.

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