Why You May Have Covid and Not Know About it

Did You Have COVID and Didn’t Even Know About It

According to the World Health Organization, more than 190 million people have caught COVID-19 since late 2019. Many more individuals are believed to have had the illness but never had a verified test result. While many recover from COVID in a matter of weeks, for some, it can be a problem that lasts for months, even years.

Most Common Symptoms

People describe various symptoms: breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, a cough, chest or stomach pains, headache, and so on. Persistent shortness of breath, palpitations, and dizziness are frequent COVID-19 symptoms found predominantly in otherwise healthy young to middle-aged people. Losing your taste and smell can be one of the most common symptoms. If you’ve had any of these symptoms during the pandemic and didn’t have a proper COVID test, you might have had the virus.

When Did You Get Infected?

This question may not have a simple answer. Many individuals believe they contracted COVID between December 2019 and February 2020. Still, evidence suggests otherwise – they have no antibodies, and officials insist the virus wasn’t present at that time of the year.

Can You Have Long-Term COVID?

While we know that obesity, diabetes, smoking, and chronic diseases can lead to severe outcomes for people infected with COVID-19, these risk factors have not been well linked with long COVID. Even those with no symptoms during infection can have long COVID—making the long-term illness a big mystery.

Stay Safe

Follow public health advice to help stop the epidemic. No matter where you live – get vaccinated or boosted. Wear a mask whenever possible. Don’t travel, keep social distancing, avoid huge gatherings, and practice basic hand hygiene. Be safe and keep others safe.

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