Detoxing Food: A Real Thing or a Trend?

While in medicine, the term detoxing refers to drugs and alcohol specifically, there is a trending meaning of the word that refers to a different kind of detox. We feel the need to detox after eating unhealthy food for an extended time, too much sugar, or any other substances that make us feel off.

There are, however, many questions that surround this new concept. Is it true that certain foods help our body detox? Here’s everything you know about detoxing foods.

Your Body Gets Rid of Toxins on Its Own

Several organs, such as the liver, are prepared to excrete unwanted substances. Every toxic substance is converted into a less harmful form and eliminated from our body either by urination or bowel movement.

Use Food to Detoxicate

Some studies show that certain components present in our food can be beneficial to the detoxification process. Some examples of these nutrients are malic acid, present in grapes and wine, citric acids found in citric foods, and succinic acid, which we can find in apples and blueberries.

Eating Habits

Due to our world, it’s impossible not to be exposed to certain toxins. Pollution in the atmosphere, the mercury in the water, and even the medications fill our bodies with toxins.

To aid our body in exuding those toxins, we can incorporate some foods and drinks into our diet that will be incredibly beneficial. Include nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, and beverages such as green tea and turmeric to help your liver process toxins.

While detox diets have been in the spotlight as the most effective and innovative diets, our body is in charge of the detoxication process. Some foods and drinks, however, can help our organs speed up the process.

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