Coffee and Weight Loss: How Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking some freshly brewed coffee in the morning is a ritual enjoyed by many people around the world. But not only does coffee help you get you ready to take on the day, it also has some not-so-well-known benefits for weight loss. Here’s how coffee can help you lose some extra pounds.

Coffee Is Very Low in Calories

Coffee by itself is very low in calories. While it isn’t advisable to consume too much caffeine daily, it’s a good option when you need a drink but don’t want to accidentally create a calorie surplus. One cup contains just five calories. It’s worth mentioning that this specifically refers to black coffee. As soon as you start adding sugar, honey, milk, or other additives, the calories go up.

Coffee Boosts Your Energy and Speeds Up Your Metabolism

If you’re drinking coffee, chances are you do so for the caffeine boost. The caffeine in coffee can also serve to give you that energy spike you need to complete a workout and also boost your metabolism.

Coffee Makes You Feel Full

If we want to lose weight, it helps to cut out unnecessary snacking and suppress our cravings. Coffee helps with this because it promotes the feeling of satiety, making you less likely to succumb to eating unhealthy snacks that can make you gain weight. It’s also a liquid which additionally helps you feel less hungry just like other liquids like water.

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