Build Muscle With These High-Protein Meals

Build Muscle With These High-Protein Meals

Protein is crucial for building muscle tissue and increasing your metabolism. Without it, you’ll end up developing a host of problems. While everyone consumes protein daily, some dishes contain extra protein.

If you’re an athlete or want to build some muscle, try these meals and add them to your meal planning.

Chicken Bakes

Baked chicken is an excellent source of protein, as one cup contains 38 grams of it. Baking the chicken results in a healthier meal than deep-frying as well.


A warm bowl of chili is perfect for the winter, but it’s also a great meal containing lots of protein. The meat you use for chili will have the bulk of protein. The other parts typically come from beans and chickpeas.

To make a healthy chili, add some vegetables for fiber.


Curry is a versatile dish that can contain a large portion of protein. You can make it with meat or chickpeas. If neither suits you, there are always other sources of protein that make a tasty pot of curry.

Grilled Meat and Veggies

Grilled meat is very lean and translates into more protein. The vegetables are there to provide additional nutrients your body needs. Try red meats or even seafood for variety.

Time to Bulk Up

When made the right way, these meals are healthy while helping you bulk up. Their high protein content will also help you maintain your metabolism. However, remember that too much protein can also backfire.

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