Bugs Were Found in This Costco Product

Bugs Were Found in This Costco Product

After purchasing a Costco product in the spring of 2021, a family from the West Coast filed a formal complaint with the FDA. Allegedly, Costco has sold a seafood dish that had live bugs even after being prepared at a West Coast residence.

What Happened?

The family claimed they bought a Kirkland Fresh Wild Pacific Halibut Filet at a Costco shop in the town of San Dimas on March 18, 2021.

They subsequently submitted a complaint to Costco after the occurrence, but the retail company hasn’t tried to resolve the issue, further adding to the “extreme mental pain and dread” caused by the bugs. Additionally, the complaint states that “the little children have pledged never to eat fish again.”

The claimants state that a warranty breach, negligence, and product irresponsibility as well as unwarranted practices such as misleading advertising and unfair competition are grounds for a $200,000 claim.

They say Costco was aware of the problem but did nothing to alert customers. They suspect warehouse workers in the food departments aren’t adequately educated when it comes to food safety protocols and hence aren’t aware of the issue.

Not the First Time?

Unfortunately, the discovery of insects or foreign objects in Costco products is not unprecedented. A Reddit user reported finding pebbles in a kind of beans sold at Costco when this complaint was filed. As a result of stumbling upon them, the customer suffered a cracked crown and alerted Costco to the situation.

This summer, Costco shoppers turned to social media, reporting that their dogs had been plagued with “Drugstore bugs” twice during the past two years, which they believed to have been brought on by the Kirkland Chicken Meal & Rice Formula dog bones.

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