Beat Greasy Hair With 10 Easy Hacks

It may have been hot back in the 50s, but greasy hair is not on trend at the moment. But what can you do if you’ve got naturally oily hair?

Below are 10 hacks to keep your hair from greasing up your day.

Shampoo Matters

Not every shampoo is created equal. Instead of buying whatever is on sale, research and take your hair care up a notch. The right shampoo will help control grease.

Less Conditioner

Conditioner is great for dry hair but can weigh down oily locks. Limit conditioning to the length of your hair and not the scalp. Your scalp makes enough grease to take care of the hair up there.

Wash More, or Less

How frequently you wash your hair can affect its natural grease. Balance how often you wash for what works for your hair.

Rinse and Repeat

Don’t leave shampoo and conditioner residue in your hair. Rinse it out, and then rinse again. Leftover products create extra oil.

Keep Products to a Minimum

Many hair products contain oil which makes grease problems worse instead of better. Be gentle and don’t add extra oil with unnecessary hair products.

Clean Conditions

You can’t always avoid helmets or hats. When you wear them, be sure to clean your hair shortly afterward. Sweat won’t do oily hair any favors if it persists.

Dry Shampoo

When you can’t help but be a little greasy, invest in some dry shampoo. With a quick spray, dry shampoo helps absorb oils and leaves hair feeling fresher and lighter. It’s a great option when grease isn’t avoidable or you’re on the go.

Watch What You Eat

Certain foods can lead to excessive production of oil. Be aware of the foods responsible and reduce them in your diet.


Even your stress levels can unbalance hormones, increasing oil. Rest and relax to make greasy hair a thing of the past.

Goodbye Grease

Say goodbye to oily hair with these 10 easy hacks. Your scalp will thank you.

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