Assessing the Benefits and Side Effects of Muscle Milk

Muscle milk has many benefits. However, some consumers are concerned about the heavy metal, artificial ingredient, and fat level content. Muscle milk isn’t actually milk. It’s formulated with vitamins, mineral blends, maltodextrin, milk protein, sodium caseinate, and calcium.

It’s a supplement meant for athletes and gym enthusiasts to help with muscle recovery, build muscle, and fuel workouts. Read on to learn the potential benefits and side effects.

It’s Rich in Protein

Muscle milk contains protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair. It’s a good option for muscle sustenance.

High Energy

The high level of fat offers lasting energy compared to other low-fat options. As such, it’s best taken between meals.

Rich in Amino Acids

Amino acids are good for alleviating muscle soreness and muscle recovery.

Easy to Consume

Muscle milk can be bought in powder or ready-to-drink form. The pre-packed bottles give you a boost while on the go without blending or mixing.

The Negative Side

As with other supplements, muscle milk has a dark side.

Has High Fat and Calorie Levels

Those trying to restrict calories may have a difficult time when consuming this supplement. They may be pushed beyond their set limit. Muscle milk has 12% of the daily fat value and 18% of the recommended saturated fat intake. Hence, it isn’t suitable for cutting calories.

Artificial Ingredients

These include sweeteners and flavors. Avoid such muscle milk options as they may harm the gut bacteria balance and spike disease risks in some cases. Read the label and research more about a brand before consuming.

Heavy Metals

Consumer Reports studies found low levels of lead, cadmium, and arsenic in muscle milk. While the limits are safe, regular consumption may have long-term effects.

Moderate Muscle Milk Consumption

Muscle milk has positive benefits and negative effects that can’t be ignored. The wisest thing is to moderate your consumption. This way, you can safely consume the milk for its benefits, but eliminate the possible side effects.

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