Are All Protein Foods Good for Weight Loss

Weight loss might be your mission, and proteins are a good companion. But just like other food groups, not all proteins are the same and shouldn’t be treated equally.

Here’s a list of proteins to enjoy and which to skip.

Proteins Which Are Good for Weight Loss

Proteins are good for your health. They help you repair muscles, blood, bones, and organs. As previously mentioned, not all are good for managing your weight, but here are a few that are: seafood, eggs, soy, beans, lean meat, low-fat dairy, nuts, and seeds.

Of course, keep an eye on your calorie intake. They always count, regardless of where they’re coming from.

Proteins to Avoid When on A Diet

There are proteins that promote weight gain instead of downsizing.

Fried Chicken

One example would be fried chicken. While delicious, it’s rich in sodium and fat. But this is due to the preparation process. The chicken itself is good, so try grilled, air-fried, or baked varieties.

Sausages and Bacon

Another one would be a sausage. The reason behind this one is the fact that it’s richer in fat than protein.

The same goes for bacon. Although, in this case, there’s an alternative: turkey bacon. This might not be the best protein either, but it’s an acceptable alternative if you can’t go on without your slice of bacon.

Regulate Your Protein

The market is now flooded with products with “protein” in their names: bars, shakes, and yogurts. Bear in mind the amount of sugar that’s been added to these as well and you’re sure to hit your weight loss goals.

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