5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip


Don’t think you have the funds to make your next trip worthwhile? Think again. There are plenty of ways to save money when you travel. Check out these 5 tips and stop throwing away your money:

1. Time Your Trip Strategically

Do you like to travel on the weekends? So does everyone else. And the travel industry knows this and hikes up prices accordingly.

So go against the norm and travel when others aren’t. Plan trips when kids are in school. Or check out hotel deals for weekdays instead of weekends. And if at all possible, don’t travel during major holidays.

2. Choose Destinations with Favorable Exchange Rates

This doesn’t mean putting yourself in harm’s way. But choose safe destinations where your money goes a long way.

3. Be Invisible

Is the travel industry taking advantage of your travel searches and data? Maybe. And if you make your travel itinerary dates and destination known, they may raise their prices accordingly.

Instead, browse travel plans incognito. Or use a VPN to conceal what you are looking at, travel-wise.

4. Book Directly with the Hotel or Hostel

Did you know that using travel sites may be more expensive than booking directly? The reason is that these establishments have to pay a fee to the travel middleman for bookings. But if you book directly, they don’t have to pay the fee and you get the savings instead.

5. Embrace Free Breakfast

A pastry and coffee may not seem like much of a freebie, but when you travel to other countries, their version of breakfast may be more robust than an American Continental Breakfast.

Worst case scenario? You get a free pastry and coffee which can keep your stomach full until it’s time for lunch. And you’re less likely to waste money on more food later.

Final Thought

There are plenty of ways to save when you travel. And the more you save, the more often you can travel. So enjoy that free breakfast, there’s no shame in it.


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