5 Things to Do Before You Buy a New Mattress


Buying a mattress is not as easy as you think. Not everyone has the same requirements or the same size. Some people can only buy mattresses from certain manufacturers that have specific patented features.

Regardless of your specific needs, there are 5 mandatory things you need to do before buying a new mattress.

Establish your Needs

Before you go about buying a mattress, you should be well aware of any back problems you may have. Many people focus too much on comfort instead of the proper thickness and softness of a mattress.

For folks with spine problems, a comfortable mattress isn’t always the right one. Certain conditions make you uncomfortable when sleeping on a hard mattress, even though that’s what you need to correct your spine.

Familiarize Yourself with the Brand

Mattresses are just like clothes in a sense. Whereas clothing size charts may differ from one manufacturer to another, mattresses aren’t always equal in their firmness ratings.

Different brands have different charts and standards, which is why you should always get plenty of information on the manufacturer, as well as test out the mattresses in stores when possible.

Do You Need One?

Before you buy a new mattress, you should be really sure that you actually need it. Some people just forget to flip their mattresses every couple of months. Simply flipping yours may just give it new life.

Consult Reviews

A mattress should be a long-term investment. In order to make sure you’re getting good value for your money, you should check as many reviews as possible. Try to assess just how durable the mattress is and if it will serve your purpose.

Maybe you’ll want to move after 5 years? So make sure the mattress can handle packing and transportation after all that use.

Look for Matching Mattress Protector

Dust mites are likely to become a problem sooner or later. Since not all mattresses come with dust mite covers, try shopping for one that matches your mattress and have it ready before the big purchase.


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