5 Grocery Shopping Tips for Diabetics


How can you resist temptation and be sure that you’re only buying food that won’t make your diabetes worse? Here are 5 grocery shopping tips that will help.

Read Labels

You can’t always base your nutritional information on generalized charts you find online. If you want to be as safe as possible, try spending some extra time reading the labels on your favorite products.

That’s the only way to ensure you’re not buying something that may negatively affect your health.

Choose Your Protein Carefully

Talk to the shop’s butcher and ask about lean cuts of meat. If there aren’t any available, find the next best thing and ask the butcher to help you trim most of the fat before you buy.

Do the same thing in the fish section. Look for mackerel, herring, tuna, or salmon. If you’re not pleased with how they look, talk to someone in charge and ask for their fresh delivery dates.

That way you can come back when you know there’s something good waiting for you.

Plan Your Route to Avoid Temptation

Most stores tend to keep fresh foods on the perimeter. This means that if you plan your route accordingly, your shopping trip should take you through all the fruit, veggie, dairy, fish, and meat areas, while avoiding junk food and anything else that you’re not allowed to eat.

Shop for Self-Made Drinks

It’s not just a lot of the food that’s bad for diabetics. A major issue is actually the abundance of sugary beverages. And don’t think that just the sparkly ones are a problem.

If you want to stay healthy, shop for sparkling water and add fresh fruits or veggies to it to make your own nutritious drinks. Limes, lemons, carrots, and cucumbers make great drinks.

Plan for Snacks

Everyone needs a snack from time to time. If you don’t want to fall prey to your sweet or deep-fried cravings, include some healthy snack options on your grocery list too. Nuts, yogurt, salads, and extra protein for sandwiches are all solid choices.


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