5 Great Indoor Activities That Help Your Child Develop Motor Skills


Kids develop their motor skills at their own pace. Some pick things up faster than others and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to give it a push, there are plenty of activities that can hone a developing child’s motor skills. Here are five of the easiest and most engaging.


Painting may be messy but it’s a great way of developing motor skills in kids. Not only does it improve hand-eye coordination, it also enhances manual dexterity. Brush painting in particular helps kids develop better control.

Playing with Water

No, this doesn’t involve toys in the bathtub. While it may seem a bit boring, keep in mind that this is an activity for young kids. Add some color to the mix and it’s easy to convince them that it’s fun.

The way this works is by having the kid transfer water from one cup to another by using a syringe. This helps manual dexterity and helps develop small muscles in the hands. It also helps with hand-eye coordination as well.

Rice Racing

Rice racing is very similar to water play and it is an effective motor skills training exercise. This time, you’re using rice in place of water and tweezers in place of syringe.

The goal is to transfer rice from one container to another. You can make this more fun by turning it into a competition. If you race your kid, not only is he more likely to be engaged but you’ll also be there to monitor the progress.

Indoor Trampolines

Indoor trampolines are fun and they’re also great at improving a kid’s balance. Just keep in mind that your kid may need supervision, depending on his or her age.

Martial Arts

Almost all martial arts classes are held indoors. Try finding a gym that offers lessons to young kids and you’re golden. You have them out of your hair for at least one hour or two every week, and they’re developing valuable motor skills by punching, grappling, kicking, and everything else that works the core muscle groups. It’s great for sensory awareness and balance too.


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