5 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas Your Kids Will Love


Aside from Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy is perhaps the next favorite thing that kids believing in. Kids react differently to losing a tooth, but the Tooth Fairy definitely makes it more exciting for them. Traditionally, leaving a tooth under the pillow is enough to summon the fairy. But why not get a bit more creative with it?

Here are 5 great Tooth Fairy ideas that your kids will fall in love with:

1. Tooth Fairy Pockets

These seem to be very popular these days, and there are plenty of reasons for it. You can create a fun pocket for your kid to leave their tooth after it falls out. Tell them there’ll be money waiting for them in the same pocket the following morning.

2. Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters

Next time your little one loses a tooth, help them write a letter to the Tooth Fairy. Let them get creative with it, and they can slip it under the door or leave it somewhere for the fairy to read.

3. Foreign Currencies

Most young kids are more impressed by fairies than money. This is why the value of money doesn’t really matter. A fun thing to do would be to let your kid know that the Tooth Fairy travels around the world and has brought them money from all sorts of places.

4. Tooth Fairy Books

There are many children’s books about the Tooth Fairy out there. Let your kid explore the magical world they love believing in and learn more about one of their favorite creatures. There’s no doubt that they’ll love them, which can also be a good source of bedtime stories.

5. Tooth Fairy Dust

Every kid knows about fairy dust. Why not create some to make the Tooth Fairy’s job look more fun? Use some glitter and spread it over the money, or create little steps from where your kid has left the tooth. This is guaranteed to make them smile and love the Tooth Fairy even more.

The Final Word

There are a ton of fun Tooth Fairy ideas that you can try out, we just wanted to give you some of the foolproof ones. You can find all kinds of great ideas out there, or get creative and come up with your own.


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