5 Countries You May Have Heard Of That No Longer Exist


Believe it or not, countries are not very stable. Even supposedly prosperous countries can cease to exist before you know it.

In general, if a country disappears it usually means there was some political upheaval or war. Either way, these are some of the countries you may have heard of. However, they no longer exist.


This country used to cover two continents. And, as you may already know, it was the biggest country in the world.

Fast forward to now and there are 15 different independent republics in its place. Besides the republics, there are four frozen zones of conflict. All in all, the fall of the USSR introduced a new era in world history.

2. Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia fell apart in a similar way as the USSR. When the charismatic leader Joseph Broz Tito died, things went downhill.

Now there are 6 different countries and at least two more regions are seeking independence. The sad fact is that it took about 30 years and a few wars for this country to completely disappear.

3. Tibet

Tibet has got to be a country, right?

Between 1912 and 1951, it was a peaceful country under the rule of Dalai Lamas. However, Communist China broke this peaceful rule and invaded Tibet in 1951.

4. East Germany

The infamous Berlin wall divided East and West Germany. It’s all back in the era when there was a war that’s more cold than hot.

The wall finally fell and East Germany disappeared as a country in 1989. Germany reunified in 1990, marking the end of Soviet rule in East Germany.

5. Ceylon

Ceylon was known as Ceylon from 1505 and 1972. To make a long story short, there’s a series of European colonization since the 7th century.

It was not until the British left in 1948 that the country became independent. Today, this South Asian country is known as Sri Lanka.


The history of nations is an unstable one. Doesn’t it make you want to be a world leader?


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