5 Chronic Conditions to Watch Out for After 50

The world’s general population is getting older. By the year 2030, one in six people will be age 60 or older. However, some chronic health conditions often get diagnosed after the age of 50. The risk factors for these conditions are varied: genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc. These are the five most common conditions that get diagnosed after 50.


Hypertension is the primary cause of heart attack and stroke. It is the most common chronic disease among aging people. As the blood vessels become more rigid, this condition starts to manifest. That’s why it is recommended that persons aged 40 or older check their blood pressure at least once a year.

High Cholesterol

Elevated cholesterols levels can cause blockages in blood vessels and atherosclerosis if not treated. Atherosclerosis can then increase the risk for other vascular complications, like cardiac events, peripheral vascular disease, and more. However, high cholesterol can be managed through medications and changes to one’s lifestyle. Diagnosing high cholesterol requires regular blood tests, as it does not manifest noticeable symptoms.


Diabetes onset is linked to age and excess body weight. It can lead to complications, such as peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease. However, it can be managed in its early stages by lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.


Only high blood pressure affects aging Americans more frequently than arthritis. Many people over 80 suffer from this condition. The pain caused by arthritis commonly becomes more aggravating after the age of 50. One of the risk factors for this condition is obesity.


Due to the loss of bone density that comes with aging, osteoporosis can appear in both women and men. However, women going through menopause are more prone to this condition since it causes estrogen to cease being produced. Osteoporosis is also linked with a higher risk of bone fractures.

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