4 Unbelievable Health Boosts of Eating Dates

With Middle Eastern origins and grown from the date palm tree, this super fruit is a delicious way to nourish both your body and mind. The tropical stone packs a huge dose of antioxidants and fiber so your body can take even better care of itself.

Here are 4 surprising reasons why dates should be added to your shopping list.

Digestive Champions

Dates have an incredibly high fiber content. The benefits from this are twofold. When you eat more lentils or leafy greens, it’s up to your digestive system to absorb as many of those good nutrients as possible. A strong gut will grab as many of those vitamins as it can.

Plus, dates boast both soluble and insoluble fiber. This dynamic duo helps maintain a thriving gut microbiome, ensuring your digestive system stays in tip-top shape.

Gut Health and Mental Bliss

Prepare for a mind-blowing connection – your gut health and your daily mood go hand in hand. Dopamine is called the happiness hormone, and it is produced primarily in your gut.

By treating your stomach right with foods like dates, you may notice a surprising improvement in your everyday emotional life.

Natural Energy Boosters

When we eat dates, we get an all-natural energy boost. They are loaded with carbohydrates, the fuel that gives us energy. Dates include natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose that rapidly energize us without adding too many harmful sugars.

Nutrient Cornucopia

Dates are considered a super fruit for a reason. Rich in potassium, they help regulate your blood pressure. They also have a huge magnesium content, which gives you strong bones. Better still, they can even aid your mental processes, sending Vitamin B6 to your brain and nervous system.

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