4 Reasons to Add Celery to Your Weight Loss Plan

The crunch, the taste, the texture – what’s not to love about celery? But did you know that this veggie is also one of the healthiest foods for weight loss?

It Has Lots of Fiber

The fiber in celery keeps you full longer, which is the main driver of shedding extra pounds. By reducing your craving for chocolate, KFC chicken, smash burgers, French fries and McDonald’s cheeseburgers, the veggie helps eliminate bad foods from your diet.

It’s Full of Water

Like fiber, water keeps you satiated, reducing the likelihood of craving chocolatey or fatty snacks. Guess what – celery is 95% water, making it perfect for losing weight.

It Has Minimal Calories

An average celery stalk contains just 23 calories, allowing you to enjoy a crunchy snack without curbing your weight loss journey.

It’s a Healthy Snack

Potato chips and granola bars might be your go-to snacks, but they’re not good for losing weight, especially if combined with dipping sauces. Celery is a much healthier alternative. The next time you yearn for a snack, add a few celery sticks to a salad and keep your weight loss journey on schedule.

Besides promoting weight loss, celery is also great for your heart. It relaxes artery walls to reduce blood pressure and allow more nutrients to travel to and from the heart. As soon as you finish your celery snack, you’ll almost hear your heart say, “Ahh, that felt awesome.”

Say Goodbye to Weight Loss Roadblocks with Celery

Instead of sabotaging your weight loss regimen with chocolate or cheeseburgers, choose celery as your go-to snack. It’ll keep you fuller and healthier without adding extra pounds. The best part? It doesn’t matter whether you eat it raw or blend it in a delicious juice. You’ll reap the same weight loss benefits and banish unwanted pounds faster.

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