4 Kid-Friendly Indoor Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy


Whenever it’s time to do something with the entire family, the generational gap quickly shows itself. Here are 4 activities you can do from the comfort of your home that are fun for both kids and adults.


Cooking is becoming more and more popular for all ages. If you truly want something to do at home with the kids over the weekend that doesn’t involve video games or too much screaming, why not teach them how to make their favorite dishes?

Pick something that they don’t have every day, such as pizza. Everyone can get an assignment and the family can spend quality time on prepping, making, and enjoying a meal.

Movie Night

Is sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching movies an activity? – It sure is. Movie night is a classic family favorite pastime activity, and it’s not likely to drop in popularity anytime soon.

Just make sure you spend extra time picking the movie and get everyone involved in the decision. Watching a family flick at home certainly beats sharing the experience with a bunch of loud strangers, not to mention the weird smells coming from all sorts of movie theatre snacks.

Music Time

Who doesn’t listen to music? Teaching your kids to play an instrument by playing alongside them can be an amazing family activity. There are plenty of instruments that kids can pick up without taking lessons from a pro.

Even better, you could do the same thing and turn it into a friendly family competition. See who’s able to learn a song faster.

Board Games

Board games are resurging as a go-to weekend family and friends activity. The stories, the rules, the options are endless so it’s hard to imagine not finding something everyone in the family can enjoy.

Sure, you can’t really go wrong with a classic like Monopoly, but there are plenty more options to choose from these days that guarantee fun family time.


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